General FAQ

  • You can register as an individual delegate or as a delegation. Students who are part of a Delegation do not have to apply for the same committee or the same country in different committees but are free to state their individual preference.

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a study programme leading to a university degree. Students of all fields of study are welcome. Only requirements are fluency in English, Spanish or French, depending on the committee you choose, as well as a strong interest in the work of the UN.

  • You will find all the deadlines here.

  • Yes, you should be 18 years or older at the time of the conference.

  • No, you have to represent a country which is not your own, but you have the opportunity to state your preferences. We will try to consider them, however, it is not always possible.

  • This year we offer two formats, The fees will be announced soon. Click here.

  • General information:

    • Name: Münster MUN e.V.
    • IBAN: DE23 8306 5408 0104 7598 26
    • Bank name: Deutsche Skatbank

    Additional transaction information for delegates from outside of Europe:

    Payment recipient:

    • Name: Münster MUN e.V.
    • Street: Hansaring 35
    • Zip Code: 48155
    • City: Münster
    • Country: Germany
    • Recipient’s bank:

    Bank name: Deutsche Skatbank

    • Street: Altenburger Str. 13
    • Zip Code: 04262
    • City: Schmoelln
    • Country: Germany

    Account information:

    • Bank code: 83065408
    • Account number: 0104759826

    Payment fees: All expenses incurred in connection with payment shall be charged to the debtor (in this case: You, the delegate).


  • In April we start with the assignments for delegates who register before 3oth April. Afterwards you will get informed about your country and committee assignments as soon as the countries are distributed among all other delegates.

  • Information on how to prepare for the conference will be provided in the study guides for each committee. In addition, you may also ask the secretariat and committee staff for advice. In general it is helpful to inform yourself about the topics which will be relevant in your committee and to gather facts and knowledge about the country you represent. You will also need to prepare a position paper.

  • In general it is an essay presenting the opinion of your allocated country concerning the committee topics. It should highlight the importance of the issues at hand as well as past steps taken. Finally, the main focus of the paper should be propositions for further measures that in your country’s opinion should be taken in order to solve the issues.

  • If you are from a country whose citizens are in need of visas, we advice you to apply for one as soon as possible since experience has shown that the application process may require some intensive preparation. If necessary, we can provide you with an invitation letter you can present to the German embassy. In case you have any further questions, please contact us at

  • Visit the following website:

    It contains all necessary information concerning a visa if you need one.

For any remaining questions please contact our Delegates’ Service Team at

International Scholarship FAQ

  • For being able to apply for a Scholarship, there are only two hard criteria: You need to be enrolled at a university or similar institution and you must not be older than 30 years.

    In our selection process we will also take other criteria into account, as for example:

    1. Socio-economic criteria such as family members, financial situation etc.
    2. Academic criteria such as grades, references, MUN experience (not absolutely necessary, we also want to explicitly encourage first-timers to apply!)
    3. Your specific motivation to participate in MUIMUN
  • The Scholarship Programme is divided up into three elements: Accommodation, Conference Fee Waiver and Travel Expenses. You can apply for any one element or any combination of them. We kindly suggest to you only to apply for as much as you really need, since we have only limited funds. We nevertheless wish and do our best to give as many students as possible the opportunity to join us at the conference. Thus, following this logic, applying for less support also enhances your chances of being awarded a scholarship, since it will be easier for us to fit you into our budget.

    In any case you will have to pay yourself all costs concerning the visa, health insurance and transportation in your country of residence.

  • Unfortunately yes. We cannot support scholars with health insurance. It should very roughly be about 50€ or the equivalent in your currency.

  • In general, for most nationalities/home countries that we grant scholarships to, a tourist visa will be necessary to come to Germany. Please inquire the requirements for your specific case with the local German Embassy in time, at the latest once you are selected as a scholar. Please make sure you can comply with these requirements in case you are selected.

    Please note that obtaining a visa in time is a crucial factor for your scholarship. If you are selected as a Scholar for MUIMUN, we will ask you to book an appointment with your local embassy within a given timeframe and will agree together on a deadline for you to apply for and hand in your Visa. In the case any deadline or agreement is disregarded, we reserve us the right to deny the Scholarship.

  • Due to different circumstances this year, you can apply again if you have been a MUIMUN scholar in 2021. If you did apply, but were not accepted to the programme, you can apply again and we encourage you to do so.

  • No, you do not have to register right now. After the selection process, we will ask chosen scholars to register. Please do not worry about the registration deadline.

  • You can download the application form and complete it in as many steps as you which. Please send in only the completed application form and the supporting documents. The reference form filled out by your reference person is expected to be sent in by the reference person before the end of the deadline. Please note, that the reference form is mandatory for a complete application. The deadline for Scholarship applications refers to complete applications.

  • You can find all the deadlines here.

For any remaining questions please contact our Scholarship Team at

Next Generation Programme FAQ

  • The formal sessions will usually go from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We also offer social events each day. Although they are not obligatory to attend to, we really recommend you not miss them because the social events create the special MUN-feeling and you will get the chance to meet many people with various international backgrounds.

  • We will offer a working group which will meet every week for an evening. It is not compulsory to take part in the working group but it will be a great help with your preparation. In case you do not take part at the working group, you should allow for at least 10 hours of “work” prior to the conference.

  • Yes, unfortunately the scholarship will only cover the fee for the conference itself, so you will pay for transportation yourself. However, if you have problems to get back and forth to Münster we are happy to help as much as we can!

For any remaining questions please contact our Scholarship Team at